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May 29, 2013

What kind of GPS tracking business can you start?

In the first of our series on How to Start a GPS Tracking business we examined 6 steps you should take to get the ball rolling. Today we're going to take a look at just a few of the various kinds of GPS tracking businesses that you can either start or grow your existing business into.

Fleet management is a great industry for GPS tracking businesses

The GPS tracking industry is large and diverse, and many industries can benefit from GPS tracking. There is room in this industry for many kinds of service providers. From hardware manufacturers to software developers to software service providers to systems integrators and more, there is a lot of opportunity for success in this fast-growing industry. Not only is there a great deal of potential for new companies to enter the market as GPS tracking service providers, but there are also opportunities for existing companies to start offering GPS tracking services as part of their product line-up, or to grow their current business by expanding into new industries.

Here's some ideas for GPS tracking companies you could start, or areas in which to grow your existing business:

  • Fleet management: Many companies have fleets of vehicles that need maintenance and service. Providing those companies with GPS installations and vehicle tracking in addition to general maintenance could be a compelling offer as a means to lower fleet costs.
  • GPS device sales and installation: Companies with fleets need to keep track of these valuable assets. Selling GPS tracking devices along with installation, maintenance and tracking is a service that will stay in high demand, as companies look to maintain contact with their assets.
  • Dispatching service: Many local service providers like plumbers and HVAC companies have many technicians in the field, but would benefit from a central dispatch hub that could schedule visits, receive requests, and send techs out to do their jobs. A dispatching service could install GPS units on their clients' vehicles to track vehicle location and send the closest tech to the job, maximizing efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Self storage: Storage companies could offer a GPS tracking service as an add-on to their storage facilities. Mobile storage units or boxes within a storage unit could feature a low-powered GPS tracking device placed in them that will alert owners or management when moved. This could add a premium layer of security to property stored in self-storage units.
  • Patient tracking services: A new company could sell and service assisted living facilities with patient tracking GPS devices. Those devices could be worn by assisted living or nursing home residents, so they can be easily found if they wander off the premises. This business both can sell the devices to assisted living facilities as well as provide the monitoring service.
  • Secure construction assets: A GPS tracking company could focus on serving construction sites and builders by offering GPS tracking for construction assets, equipment, and materials. Low-powered GPS devices would alert security and management during after-hours or when off the premises.

These are just a few of the many potential businesses that entrepreneurs are forming around GPS tracking technology -- there are plenty of others you can come up with, with just a little thought. One of the keys to starting a successful GPS tracking business is to pick an under-served niche and then focus your product offering and marketing on serving that particular sort of customer. Also, to get started you'll want to use GPS tracking software that has a solid reputation and low costs to entry -- hallmarks of the Position Logic platform.

Many industries will benefit from GPS tracking technology as entrepreneurs devise new and creative applications for real-world use. The technology is well developed, and the market is growing quickly. It's up to entrepreneurs who have the vision and foresight to take advantage of this technology to make the most of it for their customers and their businesses. Click here if you'd like a complete demo of Position Logic's full-featured GPS tracking platform and start making the most of your own GPS tracking business.