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November 12, 2012

Naples Equestrian Challenge Bootstrap Boogie 2012

The lights have come up and the boots have all scooted on home. A great time was had by all who attended the Bootstrap Boogie Barn Dance 2012, the annual signature fundraising event for Naples Equestrian Challenge. Naples Equestrian Challenge is a charity whose mission is to use therapeutic riding and other horse-related therapy to improve the lives of children and adults with varying special needs.
Position Logic proudly supports Naples Equestrian Challenge
Position Logic is proud to be a supporter of Naples Equestrian Challenge and a sponsor of the Bootstrap Boogie Barn Dance. You probably already know how proud we are of our stable platform, and of the business strengthening and growth that it enables. Well, we are just as proud of Naples Equestrian Challenge, and of the solid platform that's provided by their stable of loving and gentle horses so that those in need can grow in so many ways physically, mentally and emotionally.

Of course, as proud as we are of our technological platform, we're also reminded that at the end of the day what everything comes down to is people. It's our staff and management team that make Position Logic the great place that it is to work. It's our engineers who are constantly improving the platform. It's the people we get to work with as clients that make running a business so awesome. Our lives are immeasurably enriched by all of those people -- and through Naples Equestrian Challenge, we're proud to be helping others lead lives that are more enriched and rewarding than they otherwise might have been.
Position Logic Co-founder Hong Long at the Bootstrap Boogie Barn Dance
So, thank you. Thank you to Naples Equestrian Challenge for helping enrich the lives of so many. Thank you to all of our co-sponsors of NEC, and thank you to the volunteers who freely give so much of their time and energy to NEC. And thank you, finally, to the Position Logic staff who attended the Barn Dance. All of the great things you do, all of the great support you give Position Logic both in the office and out, is noticed and appreciated.

To learn more about Naples Equestrian Challenge, please visit www.naplesequestrianchallenge.org.