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November 14, 2014

Position Logic Release Notes - Release Date: November 2014

Enhancement: New Filter to the Reports Date

Benefit to Users:

October 14, 2014

Position Logic Release Notes -- Release Date: October 2014

New Report: Queclink GV-500 OBD Report

Benefit to Users:

October 01, 2014

Position Logic Release Notes -- Release Date: September 2014

Enhancement: Supporting Temperature 3 & 4

Benefit to Users:

August 28, 2014

Release Notes August 2014

Enhancement: DCT Pegasus Gateway

Syrus Pegasus Gateway provides enhanced management tools for Syrus embedded functionalities. Its great benefits include certified data management for all Syrus capabilities as well as remote diagnostics, firmware over the air (FOTA) and remote configuration management.

July 14, 2014

Release Notes July 2014

Enhancement: Display dispatch trip when a trip is unsorted

Benefit to Users:

This Enhancement adds the ability to the Dispatch tab, to display the progress of unsorted trips. This option allows the users that create unsorted trips to see the unsorted trip process even if is not organized. The users will now be able to see the Arrival time of the points. Prior to this release, users that created unsorted trips were not able to see the trip progress and stop arrival time.