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August 08, 2013

ALAS Management Summit - Cumbre Gerencial ALAS

Position Logic will have people, hardware and demos ready to go for the ALAS Management Summit (Cumbre Gerencial ALAS) August 14 -15 in Miami -- and we'd love to meet you there.

ALAS Management Summit at Hilton Miami Downtown
The Cumbre Gerencial ALAS show is coming up quick, and it's chock full of great things to see and do if you're in the security industry or interested in the Latin American security market -- ALAS is the Asociacion Latino Americana de Seguridad, after all! Featuring keynote speaker Francis D'Addario, former Chief Security Officer of Starbucks, speaking on what it will take to be a leader in the security industry in the year 2020, there will be plenty that you won't want to miss.

In case you can't make the keynote, we can already tell you one thing you're going to need to be a leader in the security industry long before 2020: GPS and location-based services. Our GPS tracking platform is already used by major players in the security industry, and the number of uses to which GPS can be put within the security industry is extraordinary -- everything from access control to VIP tracking.

Curious about how you might put GPS tracking to use in your own business? We will have people and hardware waiting to demo all of the amazing functionality that's built into our platform. Like to meet us and see the tech in action? No problem! Call us at 239-465-0587 (U.S. / Int'l) or email us at sales@positionlogic.com to reserve your time slot today. Unlike the assets you can track on our platform, time slots are limited -- so please reserve yours as soon as possible, before they're gone!