DCT Antares SB GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

    Device Overview

    The Antares SB is a GPS device that gives managers a very useful tracking device solution at a beneficial cost. With the Antares SB, users have the option of either a quad band GSM or a CDMA1X cellular modem. The Antares SB is equipped with a backup battery for use even when a vehicle is turned off. 4 input and output ports, along with an ignition trigger allow for users to customize their automobile tracking solution for their needs. With these inputs, users of the Position Logic platform can customize their solution to meet their tracking and monitoring needs.

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: Digital Communications Technology
    Model: Antares SB
    Device Type: Vehicle Tracker or Asset Tracker
    I/O 4/4
    Battery: Yes – Internal Battery or External
    Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM or CDMA

    Device Features

    • Compact Size & Casing
    • Rugged case ensures safety of components
    • External antennas ensure accuracy
    • Optional internal backup battery provides a reliable power source
    • I/O allows for a variety of sensor customizations
    • Options for either GSM or CDMA networks