Falcom Mambo Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Device Overview

    The Falcom Mambo is a compact portable GPS device for the tracking of individuals or valuable assets. A Tri-Band GSM/GPRS radio allows for user operations while also delivering a high quality connection. Internally, the Mambo also has  a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth chipset for convenient external data transfer. With the three external hardware buttons, the Falcom Mambo can be programmed for just about any situation.

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: Falcom
    Model: Mambo
    Device Type: Asset Tracker/Personal Tracker
    I/O 0/0
    Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
    Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

    Device Features

    • Tri-Band Radio for GSM/GPRS
    • Designed for low power consumption
    • Internal Lithium ion battery
    • Bluetooth for data transfer & voice communication
    • Programmable buttons for alerts