The Position Logic Android Tracker app will run on any Android phone that meets these requirements:

    Android Operating System Version 2.2 (Froyo) or higher*
    A phone with a GPS radio.
    A cellular radio and data plan.*

    To check what version of Android your phone is running, open the Settings->About Phone and look for the Android version. You can also search for your device on Google’s Android device database.


    Android 2.3 Mobile GPS Tracking App Screenshots

    • mobile-android-2-3-settings2.jpg
    • mobile-android-2-3-settings1.jpg
    • mobile-android-2-3-freq.jpg
    • mobile-android-2-3-main.jpg

    Android 4 Mobile GPS Tracking App Screenshots

    • mobile-android-4-freq.jpg
    • mobile-android-4-settings-gps.jpg
    • mobile-android-4-settings1.jpg
    • mobile-android-4-main.jpg