Novatel AT4000 Vehicle and Asset Tracking Device

    Device Overview

    Fixed or mobile, a myriad of assets need to be monitored for regulatory compliance, security, national defense, operational efficiencies or just peace of mind. Whether you are monitoring a Hazmat shipment on a truck or railroad car, the location of a construction trailer, a shipping container, ATM machine, refrigeration unit, air conditioning compressor or any other powered valuable asset, the AT 4000 is the right solution

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: Novatel
    Model: AT4000
    Device Type: In-vehicle/Asset
    Battery: Yes – Internal Battery
    Communication methods: GSM/GPRS

    Device Features

    • Internal antenna
    • Self-contained, alternating power options
    • Simplified over-the-air configuration & provisioning delivered through the Device Manager

    Device Applications