Queclink GV-100 Vehicle Tracking Device

    Device Overview

    The GV-100 vehicle GPS tracking device has been specially designed for the tracking of fleet vehicles. Its battery efficient design allows for extended tracking even when the vehicle is not providing power. An external antenna provides powerful tracking data for the Position Logic to display in real time, along with support for several different kinds of sensors that can be connected to the inputs & outputs of the device. 

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: Queclink
    Model: GV-100
    Device Type: Vehicle Tracker
    I/O  6/5
    Battery: Yes – Internal Battery
    Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

    Device Features

    • Easy deployment
    • Several I/O ports for vehicle sensor integration
    • Energy efficient hardware design
    • Narrow, solid device design
    • Accurate tracking with external antenna
    • Powerful internal battery