Satamatics SAT-101 Satellite GPS Tracking Device

    Device Overview

    Satellite data GPS devices are more useful to international shipping, seafaring vessels and rural areas. The SAT-101 from Satamatics uses satellite data along with GPS reporting to determine the position of a tracking device anywhere in the world. Customizable inputs and outputs can be programmed to interface with one of the many element sensors supported by the Position Logic platform. An internal battery or solar panel can be used to power the SAT-101 and users can even customize an alert for when the power is low.

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: Satamatics
    Model: SAT-101
    Device Type: Vehicle Tracker
    I/O 4/4
    Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
    Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

    Device Features

    • Generates geofence alert when device leaves a specific area
    • Designed for seafaring vehicles
    • External battery or solar panel provides long tracking
    • Powerful external antenna for GPS and GSM connections
    • Energy efficient hardware design