SkyWave DMR-800D Satellite Tracker

    Device Overview

    The SkyWave DMR-800D GPS device is a small satellite tracking device that enables users to track assets anywhere in the world thanks to Inmarsat satellite data technology. Vessels that need to travel internationally will greatly benefit from the the live tracking power of the Position Logic GPS tracking software platform with an integrated DMR-800D.

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: SkyWave
    Model: DMR-800D
    Device Type: Vehicle or Asset Tracker
    I/O 2/2
    Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
    Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, Inmarsat

    Device Features

    • Inmarsat Satellite GPS tracker
    • Accurate real time GPS tracking
    • Customizable sensor & location alerts
    • Powerful long term battery
    • Can be tracked anywhere in the world