SkyWave IDP-800 GPS Device GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Device Overview

    The SkyWave IDP-800 Series GPS low profile device is ideal for trailers, containers, vehicles and vessels, and can either be powered by non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries, or vehicle power.

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: SkyWave
    Model: IDP-800 Series
    Device Type: Vehicle or Asset Tracker
    I/O 3/3
    Battery: Yes – Rechargeable and Non-rechargeable versions
    Communication methods: IsatData Pro

    Device Features

    • Inmarsat satellite GPS tracker
    • Accurate real time GPS or GLONASS tracking
    • Customizable sensor & location alerts
    • Powerful long term battery
    • Up to 128 geofences can be configured on the terminal