Suntech ST-910 GPS Asset Tracker

    Device Overview

    Instead of tracking a vehicle, you may need to track an asset specifically. The Suntech ST-910 is designed for this purpose. Powered by a battery, it does not need an external power source. After a simple configuration process, the tracker can be deployed in the asset without hindrance. With integrated motion sensors and a power conservation mode, the ST-910 is a flexible asset tracker for a variety of applications.

    Device Specs

    Manufacturer: Suntech
    Model: ST-910
    Device Type: Asset Tracker
    I/O 0/0
    Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
    Communication methods: GPS, GSM, GPRS

    Device Features

    • Compact size and shape for discrete deployment
    • Up to 600 hours of battery operation on standby
    • Built-in accelerometer for asset motion detection
    • High sensitivity antenna built-in