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Position Logic is a fully customizable GPS tracking software suite.

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Hosted Solutions: Start a GPS Tracking Business

  • Our GPS tracking system is the most powerful in the industry. With our hosted solution, it's also one of the easiest. We customize our GPA tracking platform to your needs, brand it to your identity, and run it on our servers. We'll take care of the GPS system management, so you can focus on selling to your clients and providing customer service.
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On Premises Solutions: Host Our Platform on Your Servers

  • Whether you are a larger enterprise or a governement entity, you may want to host our GPS platform on your own servers. No problem! Our on premises GPS tracking solutions allow you to do just that, with additional features like automated alerting systems, geofencing, and extensive device integration.                                        
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Precision technology powering your business.

Real-time Monitoring

View the location of a single asset or individual in

Historical Tracking

Quickly see where an asset or person has been during a specific time frame.

Comprehensive Reporting

More than 20 available reports to give you the data you need.

Alerts & Notifications

Customizable alerts and notifications to improve safety and reduce costs.

Powerful Mapping

Tracking. Routing. Geofencing.


OpenLayer Integration: Your choice of map services and layers lets you see your data, your way.

Multiple Geofencing Tools: Circle, polygon and route-based geofencing tools allow quick and easy alert/notification creation.

Routing Made Easy: Keep drivers on track and on time with Find Closest Item, Find Address, Share Directions tools, and more.

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Meaningful Data

Dashboards that drive action.

Graphical Reporting: Management is made easy with a library of graphical reports, such as Average Idle Time, Max Speeds, and many more.

Centralized Alerting: Alerts, announcements and other important items are viewable right on the dashboard for quick action as needed .

Action-Item Alerts: Save money with features that let you know when a vehicle is running low on fuel, is due for scheduled maintenance, and other actionable items

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More than Just GPS Tracking Software

Full-service support for your business.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Tracking Solutions

Easily track assets, including mobile devices, from wherever you are, whenever you want, with mobile GPS tracking applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Keep on the move with Position Logic.                                                                          

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Professional Services

GPS Consulting Services

We don't just provide GPS tracking solutions. We also provide the tools you need to use those solutions effectively. We offer solution customization, training, installation, and so much more. You're not just another customer. You are a partner; we're here to help.

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