GPS Security Control Platform

GPS Security Control Is Designed around Security Companies’ Needs.

Security companies can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing we’ve got their back. Our hosted GPS security control platform instantly generates event and alert notifications, addressing any and all incidents at the exact time they occur. With high-security data storage, data auditing, and 100% reliability, in addition to other advanced communication, control, and management tools, it's easy to see why our GPA tracking solutions for security companies are among the best in the industry.

Our Hosted GPS Tracking Solutions include:

  • Alarm system monitoring
  • Advanced notifications and warnings
  • Personnel tracking
  • Personal panic alarms
  • Lone worker protection systems
  • Sophisticated encrypted communications
  • All individual user access is controlled by group permissions
  • Secured user authentication
  • Detailed login security information display
  • Vehicle track-and-trace
  • Plant and asset tracking
  • Historical tracking

Ready to learn more about our hosted GPS tracking solutions for security copanies? Request a demo of our GPS Security solution or call (866) 676-2372 (U.S.) or 239-465-0587 (U.S./International).