Start a GPS Tracking Business with Our Hosted Solutions

Our hosted GPS tracking system has been built from the ground up with the entrepreneur in mind. We install and run the platform for you on our servers, and we can customize every aspect to fit the needs of your clients, brand it to your identity, and integrate with the GPS tracking devices that you sell — all while maintaining 99.99% up-time, so you can focus on taking care of your clients while we focus on taking care of you.

Here are just a few of the features offered through our hosted GPS tracking solution:

  • No software to install
  • Full branding to match your company image
  • full-featured GPS tracking platform for a small monthly fee

Sound good so far? It gets even better — because while we make taking care of your clients easier, our feature-rich platform makes acquiring new clients easier, too. Below are some of the amazing capabilities you can bring to the table when you partner with Position Logic for your hosted GPS tracking solution.

Three Features of Our Hosted GPS Tracking Solution You (and Your Clients) Will Love

Custom Alerting

Automated Alerting System

Let your clients know that even when they can’t be watching everything, your GPS tracking system can be — and the platform will email them alerts for any parameters they choose. Whether it’s low fuel, excessive speed, or anything else your client want to monitor, we’ve got your back — and you’ve got theirs.


Industry-Leading Geofencing Capabilities

Features and landmarks in the real world seldom fall into perfect circles. Let potential clients know you can offer them industry-leading geofencing capabilities, including the ability to draw geofences in any shape desired. With our hosted GPS tracking solution, your clients will never be limited to picking a point and defining the radius of a circle. They can also assign custom colors to multiple geofences, making visualization and identification on the mapping and GPS tracking interface that much easier.


Extensive Device Integration

From rugged in-cab video to devices smaller than a business card, our platform can handle it all for you. With close to 400 devices already in our library of integrated GPS hardware, choosing devices to meet the needs of your clients is a snap. Even better, if you or your client need a device not currently in our library, our team of skilled software and hardware engineers can easily integrate it into the platform for you — meaning the options that you can present to potential customers are virtually unlimited.

Request a Demo of our Hosted GPS Tracking Solution

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