GPS Mobile Solutions: GPS Tracking for Companies On-The-Go

With our mobile GPS tracking app, you can take Position Logic’s proven tracking platform with you wherever and whenever you need to. Featuring an easy-to-use mobile interface and compatibility with Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices, you can easily access the tracking platform and keep any eye on your assets anywhere your device has a data connection.

Need to monitor a VIP 24×7, even while you’re away from the office? Attending a trade show but still need to keep an eye on your service vehicles? Tracking is as easy as making a few taps on your mobile screen. With the functionality behind our mobile GPS tracking app, we’ve always got you covered.

You can also empower your mobile workforce with real-time communications and tracking through our GPS tracking app for mobile devices. Send instant messages and updates between employees on the road or notify reps of up-to-the-minute delivery status on important packages. The possibilities are endless.

Plus, installation of our GPS mobile tracking solutions couldn’t be easier — simply download the app to an Apple, Android, or Blackberry-powered device and we’ll authorize it for use. Seamlessly and accurately connect, track, and manage your mobile workforce with Position Logic’s GPS mobile solutions.

Features & Benefits of our GPS Tracking App:

  • Low-cost GPS tracking
  • Improve individual supervision
  • Eliminate side jobs
  • Reduce theft losses
  • Increase employee accountability
  • Easy deployment, installation and license provisioning

Click here for a list of mobile application requirements.

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