On Premises Tracking Solutions & GPS Tracking for Governments

If you are a large enterprise or government entity, chances are you will need or want to run our GPS tracking platform on your own servers. With our on premises tracking solutions, you can do just that. And whether you’re scaling up, scaling down, load balancing, or implementing an audit trail, our software will work exactly as you need it to. Some of the benefits of partnering with Position Logic for your business or government GPS tracking needs include:

  • Minimize monthly fees
  • Host your own in-house GPS tracking solution
  • Track thousands of devices with a fully customizable and scalable GPS tracking platform

So far, so good? It gets better — because with our on premises GPS tracking solutions, you’ll not only benefit from the stability and flexibility of our software, but you’ll also get a whole range of GPS tracking features that will contribute directly to your enterprise’s bottom line.

Three Features of Our On Premises GPS Tracking Platform That Will Revolutionize your Enterprise GPS Tracking System

Custom Alerting

Automatic Tracking Alerts

Our GPS tracking system is always on and always monitoring any required parameters you choose and it can alert you via e-mail to any issues or variations. Whether you need to track and monitor fuel levels, idle times, rates of speed, or anything else, running Position Logic’s on premises GPS tracking solutions on your servers keeps you consistently informed and aware.


Customized Geofencing

Geofencing is an important capability of our GPS tracking software. With our customizable functionality, you can draw geofences in any size or shape needed. The real world doesn’t exist in perfect circles, and your geofences don’t have to either with our on premises GPS tracking solutions for businesses and governments. Plus, you can easily assign custom colors to specific geofences, enabling faster and more intuitive identification within the tracking interface.


Virtually Unlimited GPS Device Integration

Regardless of the type of GPS devices that your business or government agency utilizes, our on premises GPS tracking solutions can help. Our device library includes over 400 different pieces of hardware that our GPS tracking platform is compatible with, so it’s likely that our software already works with your devices. However, if you do use a device that’s not currently in our library, our experienced team of engineers can quickly and easily integrate it for you. So your enterprise’s GPS tracking device hardware options are virtually unlimited.


Request a Demo of our On Premises GPS Tracking Solutions

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