GPS Tracking for Elderly Care

A GPS location reporting device gives seniors and their families peace of mind while allowing the elderly adult to maintain their independence. Elderly individuals often suffer from various mental and physical ailments which affect their ability to live on their own or get help when needed. Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, heart disease, and other medical conditions may make it necessary for loved ones and caregivers to have the capacity to locate and help an elderly family member or friend, as necessary. For these reasons, GPS tracking is a very useful tool for the care of the elderly. It allows nursing home workers, private caretakers, and family members to easily locate a senior adult if they should get lost or confused. It is also a fast and effective way to help an elderly individual in case of a fall or other medical emergency in which they cannot get to a telephone.

Using a GPS Elderly Tracking System

A personal GPS tracking device fits easily on a belt, lanyard, bracelet, or another accessory so the elderly person can wear it at all times. Alerts are generated based on location status or movement, and a panic or call button is activated to quickly alert others that a senior citizen is in trouble and reassure the elderly individual that help is on the way. Two-way communication is also available to ensure that an elderly person is safe and sound.

Recommended GPS Tracking Devices for Elderly Care

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Recommended Features

  • SOS/Panic Button
  • Two-Way Communication System