Food Service GPS Tracking Software

Whether you have a few small mobile food or coffee carts or a fleet of full-sized food trucks, mobile food distribution assets are crucial to your business. In order to keep these assets safe and to ensure their proper use, owners can take advantage of the many benefits of GPS tracking technology.

With Position Logic’s location-based services for the food service industry, food service companies can track their mobile distribution assets with a wide variety of integrated GPS devices. Food distribution assets of any size can be monitored for location, speed, temperature, fuel level, and much more.

The Benefits of Using Our GPS Tracking Platform for Food & Beverage Companies

Tracking and Reports: Real-time tracking keeps you aware of your asset locations and status information, and historical tracking lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. Our GPS solution also includes a complete report suite for you, so you can see your data and reports in one easy-to-read format. Locate tracked assets and employees in case of an emergency, know how your operations are running, and find areas where efficiency can be improved.

Geofencing and Notifications: Spatial fences of all shapes and sizes can be digitally set to restrict objects to a prescribed geographic region. Our GPS tracking software will send alerts to your computer and/or mobile device when a tracked object or person enters or leaves a fenced zone. Alerts can also be sent at the push of a button in case of emergencies, so your employees can be safe and secure under your watch.

Invaluable Details: The little things can make a big difference, which is why we’ve paid special attention to the details of our GPS software solution. We have designed our platform with strong security features to keep your private data safe. In addition, we have included complete localization features for users to track assets anywhere in the world in their own languages.

Track your assets, stay updated, and find new ways to streamline your operations so you can improve the safety, integrity, and performance of your company with the Position Logic GPS tracking software platform for the food and beverage industry.

Integrating GPS Tracking Systems in Your Food Business

Tracking devices, such as the Cal-Amp LMU-2600 or the Xirgo XT-2000-O, can be productive solutions for the tracking of food and beverage service assets. For assets that do not have a dedicated power source, a battery-powered trailer tracker or personal device can be easily attached.

Temperature sensors can be installed in any compartment that needs to be monitored for radical changes in temperature. This is especially helpful for food services, as the platform can send you alerts if compartment temperatures reach unsafe levels for food. Other sensors, such as those for fuel, power take-off, and contact, can be installed to monitor different variables of your food service assets. Our food service GPS tracking software platform can then gather the data and present it to you in one, easy-to-use program interface.

Recommended GPS Tracking Devices for Mobile Food Services

Don’t see your preferred device above? Click here to see our library of over 400 integrated GPS tracking devices.


  • PTO (power take-off)
  • Fuel Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Contact Open and Close