GPS Tracking – Animal Tracking

The idea of losing a pet is a knot in any pet owner's stomach. If they get lost, you want to find them quickly and return them home. That’s why having a GPS tracking collar or harness for your pet is a valuable precaution to take. The Position Logic GPS tracking platform gives pet owners a number of GPS tracking device options for tracking their beloved animals. GPS animal tracking can be used on farm animals, as well.

How to Implement GPS Animal Tracking

By attaching a small GPS tracking device to the collar or harness of your pet, you can be assured your four-legged friend will be safe. An RFID reader can be attached to identify a pet by name, image, description, and ID tag number. Microphones and speakers are also available on some devices. The information from the GPS tracking device is then sent directly to your computer or mobile device, allowing you to track your animals quickly from anywhere. You can set digital geofences as well to alert you if your pet leaves a certain area. With the Position Logic GPS tracking platform, animal tracking is easy.

Recommended GPS Tracking Devices

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GPS Tracking Sensors

  • RFID Reader
  • Microphone
  • Speaker