GPS Tracking for Parents of Teen Drivers

Know what you need to teach your teen driver by installing a GPS tracking device in the car they use, which can track location, extensive idling, speeding, and more. If your teenage driver breaks down in an unknown location, GPS tracking also makes it easier to locate and help them. With a GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle, you can teach your teenager important lessons about accountability and responsibility. Plus, customized alerts can be sent to parents via e-mail or text, so you can monitor your new driver’s behavior and location.

How to Use Teen Driver GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking device can be used to track the car used by your teenager. Various sensors can be installed to monitor vehicle conditions such as low fuel or excessive speed. In addition, some devices can be equipped with a panic button that a teenager can press if they feel unsafe or if they break down. You can even create geofences and time restrictions, so you get an alert if your teen driver’s car is used after curfew or outside of a specific area. All of this data can be sent to a parent’s computer or mobile device, allowing you to supervise your teenager’s driving habits and safety.

Recommended GPS Tracking Devices

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GPS Tracking Sensors

  • Door Open/Closed Sensor
  • PTO (power take-off)
  • Accelerometer
  • Panic Button