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As the demands of your business intensify, your fleet managers become increasingly busy and need more information while on-the-go. In order to successfully manage fleets regardless of location, they need complete and immediate visibility into vehicle location and status, from anywhere at any time. With Position Logic Mobile Applications, you are empowered to monitor and manage the resources that matter most to your business directly from your smartphone or tablet.


615x450 Solutions CellularMobilize Managers To Keep Up With Their Fleets

Our feature mobile application is LBS View, which extends key functionalities of the Position Logic Location-Based Services suite. The user-friendly interface gives managers a centralized view of all of their LBS devices from one “at-a-glance” view.

In addition to LBS View, we also offer the LBS Edge Suite mobile application. This unique application leverages features of the device on which it’s being used to transform phones and tablets into resource tracking devices. The LBS Edge Suite application was architected to support vertical-focused micro- services so customers can tailor features to specific industry needs. Additional capabilities include:

  • Replace or augment existing mobile tracking devices with enhanced tracking functionalities
  • Expand beyond vehicle tracking to workforce management
  • Increase revenues by improving workforce productivity


615x550 Mobile App LBS Software both (1)Key Features and Functionalities

Having continuous visibility into location and status of fleet vehicles and assets is critical for optimizing operations and generating efficiencies while ensuring safety and security. With Position Logic’s mobile applications, fleet managers and business owners have the flexibility to do their jobs with supported iOS or Android device they are using at any given time. Whether you’re using LBS View to remotely access key Position Logic LBS functionalities or LBS Edge Suite to use your mobile device as a tracking device, both applications empower you with advanced capabilities such as:

iOS and Android native support – choose your preferred device from leading manufacturers
Multi-lingual – select from English, Spanish, and Portuguese to use the language with which you are most comfortable
Localization – gain access to accurate, real-time vehicle or device location data
Reporting – view data in flexible reports and visualizations in digestible, easy-to-read formats
Remote Access – enable, disable, or lock functionalities from system back-end regardless of location
Geo-Fencing – detect when vehicles or devices breach digitally restricted geographic locations or regions
Historical Data – achieve full visibility as to where a vehicle or device has been during a specific timeframe
Street View – switch between street view and map view as necessary


Key Benefits

Designed for the era of mobility, Position Logic’s mobile applications free managers and business owners from the office enabling them to keep their eyes on fleet resources regardless of location. With a ubiquitous view into real-time and historical device location information, fleet managers can be as mobile as their vehicles without compromising data accuracy or visibility.

Meet Market Demands

In today’s world, it’s all about immediacy, optimal resource utilization, and exceeding customer expectations. By offering customers the flexibility to manage their fleets directly from their mobile devices, with the same accuracy is if they were in the office, you give them - and your business - a competitive advantage.

Reduce Costs

Developing and implementing your own resource tracking system can require significant cost and time- commitment. Our solution is ready-made and allows you to save valuable time and money.

Enhance Workforce Management

Properly monitoring and managing employees on the road is just as important as always knowing the locations status of assets and vehicles. Extending our fleet management mobile applications allows you to augment workforce management operations, optimize efficiencies, and increase productivity across the board.

Increase Efficiency

Whether you are tracking vehicles or employees, our mobile applications give you the instant visibility you need to make your operations more productive, gain access to valuable business insights for optimal fleet management decisions, and ultimately deliver the best customer service possible.

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