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In-Vehicle Video Solution

With large fleets being on the road for long periods of time, often covering backroads and interstates alike, it’s important that you know exactly what’s going on both inside and around your vehicles - at all times. There is the common risk of vehicle collisions, especially if safety measures are not considered. In addition to driver safety issues and property damage, vehicle collisions can cripple businesses with skyrocketing insurance rates. With an in-vehicle video system, you can reduce the risk of collision, better protect your drivers and vehicles, and ultimately reduce financial risk for your organization.


615x450 Solutions In Vehicle VideoKnow What Happens On The Road

Position Logic In-Vehicle Video Solutions enable fleet managers to improve safety by allowing them to keep an eye on the behavior of their drivers, as well as monitor activity around vehicles while they’re parked or on the road. Our solution records both the road ahead and the driver for continuous video surveillance.

Our solutions leverage the latest high-quality video technologies to improve driver behavior and increase driver productivity, as well as empower organizations to establish accident fault and facilitate timely and effective driver coaching, all delivered via a centralized LBS platform to track and visually monitor fleet vehicles in a single location. To accommodate organizations with various in-vehicle video requirements and resource availability, Position Logic offers three different solution options:

The Essential Package includes the Road Cam for continuous video recording of the road ahead, and the Driver Cam which provides an additional camera angle with continuous video recording of the driver

The Enterprise Package enables a 360 degree view of your vehicles with up to 6 cameras, including the Road Cam, Driver Cam, Side Cam, Outside Cam, and Dome Cam. The Enterprise Package also supports built-in GPS capabilities, redundant recording with dual-storage media, and an LCD screen for drivers

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Package combined with the Enterprise Package uses computer vision and up to 3 AI-cameras to analyze drivers and the road, identify unsafe driving behaviors, and serve as a personal driving coach to ensure drivers are safe every second they’re on the road. Drivers are alerted in real-time with audio and visual feedback should a broad range of AI-detected events take place


1000x550 Vehicle Video All EventsKey Features and Functionalities

Our in-vehicle offerings are comprehensive solutions that gives fleet managers continuous and detailed visibility into their fleets and their activities. Powerful features work together to enhance security levels and ultimately improve overall fleet performance by being able to record incidents, detect unsafe driver behavior, and provide real-time safety alerts:

Live Streaming – check up on drivers and the road around them in real-time with HD live streaming from multiple cameras at once with infrared sensors for night vision
Event-Based Notifications – behaviors such as Unsafe driving, Driver fatigue, smoking, cellphone usage can be captured, saved and sent as an alert to a monitoring center
Historical Video Streaming - All videos can be accessed remotely to either stream or download without having to physically access the vehicle
Image Trail Snapshot - Snapshots are captured every 5 minutes and displayed along the vehicle’s route
Real-Time Driver Coaching – Real-time alerts to coach and improve behavior enhancing performance, safety and efficiency


Key Benefits

While improving safety is a primary objective, our Position Logic In-Vehicle Video solution also enables organizations to recognize additional business benefits in terms of reducing costs, streamlining operations, and protecting the corporate brand.

Control Insurance Costs

We all know that when vehicle collisions happen, insurance costs go up. With our solution’s advanced safety features, drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents, and therefore, insurance costs can be controlled. Costs can be further minimized when insurance companies offer discounted rates with proof of an in-vehicle video system.

Conserve Bandwidth

Video can consume large amounts of bandwidth, contributing to capacity and storage costs. However, our video solutions use the latest HD and SD video compression technologies allowing a quick download of SD videos when HD isn’t required.

Maintain a Positive Reputation

In today’s competitive market, it’s imperative to gain a competitive edge – and maintaining a positive reputation goes a long way to achieving that goal. With our video-enabled advanced safety features, the risk of an at-fault accident is significantly reduced. So, while accidents may occur, you can be confident that your driver’s behavior was not the cause. Additionally, our video capabilities serve as evidence in the court room.


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In-Vehicle Video


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