Video Analytics

Live stream, watch historical video, or simply see event-triggered footage for comprehensive, customized training, accident investigation support, and negotiating insurance premiums.


Real-Time Driver Alerts

Protecting your drivers and mitigating costs associated with fleet management by leveraging artificial intelligence. Real-time alerts help prevent collisions commonly associated with human error.


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Driver Scorecard & Coaching

Take your training on the road by viewing driver behavior and modifying driver coaching based on findings. With real-time streaming and historical video available in HD or SD, you can go wherever your drivers go.


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Livestream from in-cabin and road cameras to keep tabs on your drivers for full-coverage risk mitigation. When paired with artificial intelligence, in-cabin alerts help prevent common accidents caused by human error.


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Video Historical Stream

Historical video gives you visibility into unsafe driving events, it also helps support accident investigations, which may help you avoid unnecessary insurance or litigation costs.


AI-enabled vehicle video can monitor the following driver behaviors:

Driver Falling Asleep
Distracted Driving
Cell Phone use
unsafe lane departure
following too closely

Key Benefits

Insurance premiums

Accidents can cause insurance premiums to skyrocket. With premiums already experiencing a natural inflation over time, manage your costs by preventing collisions that affect your bottom line.

Accident investigations

When an accident happens, it takes your vehicles off the road for days or weeks, depending on the severity of the collision. By providing high-quality video, investigations can be conducted faster, and from a liability standpoint, video may clear your fleet company if your driver was not at fault.

Personnel red tape

Accidents on the job leave your company liable to provide workers’ compensation and reduces your workforce as drivers recover from injuries in accidents. With higher safety standards and fewer accidents, logistics hassles become less common.

Long-term cost savings

Accident settlements can run into the thousands or millions, depending on the type of accident. That kind of money can gravely impact fleet management companies and send your profits reeling. By shoring up safety, these costly accidents can be significantly reduced.

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