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Vehicle Location Tracking

If vehicles are a critical part of your business, you know how important it is to see where they are at all times. But without access to accurate location data, managing your vehicles can be extremely challenging and create serious business issues that range from decreased productivity to critical security and safety risks. That’s why our vehicle tracking solutions help you monitor and manage vehicles anywhere, anytime – while obtaining actionable intelligence that can help your operation go the extra mile.


615x450 Solutions Vehicle Location TrackingA Powerful, Turnkey Vehicle Tracking Solution 

The Position Logic Vehicle Location Tracking offering provides a comprehensive, turnkey solution that empowers your business with a unique set of tools that go beyond simple vehicle tracking. Our solution enables remote surveillance of any vehicle, with built-in technology that can pinpoint latitude, longitude, ground speed, and course direction – in real time. This turnkey package requires no costly integration or professional services work, and is ready to use with minimal configuration.

The Position Logic Vehicle Location Tracking solution is the combination of three robust components:

  • A rich, full-featured vehicle tracking application
  • Managed network connectivity from your choice of Tier 1 cellular operators
  • A vehicle tracking device from your choice of supported manufacturers


1000x550 Vehicle Location Tracking_TrackingKey Features and Functionalities

Our integrated solution helps you manage your vehicles efficiently and effectively by providing access to accurate location data and a range of features that help you improve productivity, operational efficiency, safety, and security. Together, these advanced capabilities go beyond the basics to help drive success for your business.

Localization - gain access to accurate, real-time vehicle location data
Geo-Fencing - detect when vehicles breach digitally restricted geographic locations or regions
Notifications & Alerts - receive instant, rule-based vehicle location and status updates
Historical Data - achieve full visibility as to where a vehicle has been during a specific timeframe
Reporting - view data in configurable reports and visualizations in digestible, easy-to-read formats
Mobile Applications - manage vehicles from iOS and Android mobile devices, regardless of your location
White-Label Branding - create your own branded LBS application for resale to end users


Key Benefits

By taking advantage of the advanced features built into the Position Logic Vehicle Location Tracking offering, vehicle managers can quickly experience improvements in productivity, operational efficiency, safety, and security. And because we provide a comprehensive, plug-and-play offering, you can also benefit from simplified deployments and reduced ongoing management costs.

Reduced Staffing Requirements

Managing the logistical requirements for a vehicle tracking system can carry significant overhead for businesses that rely on their vehicles to keep moving forward. Whether it’s sourcing hardware, renegotiating connectivity contracts, or maintaining an application, these tasks can burden your internal team. That’s why we’ve pre-integrated our solution with a single partner approach that brings together all the components you need to maximize the value of your vehicles.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

When your business depends on its vehicles to be in the right place at the right time, every minute matters. But without accurate location data and the right vehicle tracking tools, those wasted minutes can accumulate quickly. Our solution helps your drivers make informed decisions to get where they’re going faster, and provides tools to reduce driver and vehicle downtime, choose the best and shortest routes, and prevent your business from slowing down.

Improved Safety and Security

For businesses that entrust their success to vehicles and their drivers, it’s important to be sure they both return home at the end of the day. That’s why our solution not only offers vehicle tracking capabilities, but a range of features that allow both real-time and historical views of driving activities, behaviors, and incidents.

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Vehicle Location Tracking


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