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Tampering, damage, and theft contribute to tens of billions of dollars a year in loss to companies, and inefficiencies like half-empty trailers, fuel waste, and excessing downtime lead to even more loss. That combination of factors can be potentially devastating for a business, especially when profit margins are already tight -- but a proper cargo monitoring system can go a long way towards preventing or mitigating these kinds of losses.

Indeed, cargo monitoring solutions can provide at least a partial answer to many fleet management problems -- but only if fleet managers understand the kinds of questions that they should be asking. This eBook will educate you on the right kind of questions to ask about cargo monitoring solutions by taking a look at the benefits that are inherent to cargo monitoring, followed by the key features fleet managers need to look for in a cargo monitoring solution in order to unlock those benefits.

Download Cargo Monitoring for the Modern Fleet and learn about:

  • Cargo loss due to theft and damage
  • Why cargo shipping is usually grossly inefficient
  • How cargo inefficiencies can compound into further loss
  • How cargo monitoring contributes to loss prevention and increased efficiencies
  • Challenges to implementing a cargo monitoring solution
  • Why monitoring device battery life is important
  • The kinds of device connectivity you should be looking for
  • The importance of optional features, like temperature and humidity monitoring

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