Features in LBS Platforms

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A powerful location-based services (LBS) platform can power a wide variety of solutions across practically any industry vertical. But exactly because there are so many potential uses for LBS platforms, it can be difficult for one to know what features to look for when evaluating different platforms – or even where to begin for someone without an existing knowledge of location-based services. 
To help people interested in learning about or evaluating LBS platforms, we’ve put together this eBook, Features to Look for in an LBS Platform, to provide information on the set of features that every good LBS platform will have.
Download it now and learn not only about the features, but additional information like:

  • What APIs and device integrations are, and why they’re important
  • The importance of a user interface that’s actually usable on a variety of devices
  • Customization features like POIs and in-vehicle video that let a business truly make a platform their own
  • Why and how appropriate data recovery tools can save money
  • How strong reporting tools can turn data into useful business information
  • How map layering and geofencing capabilities combine location and data, and how that combination works for business
  • The growing importance of privacy and consent management for your platform and your business
Whether you’re using LBS to manage people, assets, job sites or other location-specific data, a good LBS platform will offer comprehensive and flexible options when it comes to providing the location-based services that will best suit your needs and drive informed decision-making within your business. Download this eBook and learn about those options, and you’ll be on the way to making your own informed decision when it comes time to select your LBS platform.

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