Fleet Industry Trends and Takeaways Guide

828x640 PL EB Fleet Trends and Takeaways While it’s true that 2020 was a year unlike any other, it’s also true there will be more to 2021 and beyond than the fallout from the coronavirus. Even during an unprecedented pandemic, technology continues to advance – and so too does the state of the fleet industry. The story will not only be one of recovery, but of revolution, as fleets transition to an increasingly electric, automated, and data-driven future. Whether you’re a fleet manager or fleet executive, this eBook of fleet industry trends and takeaways will help prepare you for what’s just down the road.

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  • The upward curve of eCommerce, and the shipping trends that will go with it
  • Why fleet electrification will be here sooner rather than later
  • Where we’re at with fleet automation technologies
  • The rise of advanced telematics, and
  • Why assessing, adjusting, and leveraging are the ways forward for fleet executives

Because fleets service a wide variety of industries, from field service to local delivery to OTR trucking and beyond, the impacts of 2020 will vary widely from company to company. But the information in this eBook has broad applicability across fleet types, and you’re likely to find it both informative and useful for your own fleet as you look to make the coming year as bullet-proof as possible. And while one can never know for certain exactly what the future will hold, a little preparation can go a long way. Download Fleet Industry Trends and Takeaways for 2021 and help your fleet be prepared, come what may.

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