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From RFID tags that track inventory to sensors that monitor a wide range of machinery data, it’s not much of a stretch to say that IoT – the Internet of Things – is changing the way that business interacts with the world, and has had a transformative effect on productivity and efficiency.

IoT uptake in the construction industry, however, has lagged behind business as a whole. But with advances in hardware technology, software, and connectivity there’s no longer any reason for construction to lag behind other verticals, or even behind other construction companies within the vertical who have already realized the increases in productivity and efficiency and the decreases in cost that are realized through IoT implementations.

This eBook is designed to be an informative asset for construction companies as they look to learn more about IoT solutions within the construction industry. It explains some fundamental concepts of IoT in construction, and discusses how those concepts are directly applicable to construction companies of all types and sizes. 

Download IoT in the Construction Industry and learn about:

  • RFID Tags and Connected Devices
  • The Anatomy of a IoT Solution in the Construction Industry
  • IoT and Heavy Equipment Theft Prevention
  • Inventory and Personnel Management via IoT
  • Increasing Productivity with Analytics

Although the construction industry as a whole has lagged behind other verticals in terms of IoT implementations, that won’t be the case forever. Download this eBook and be a leader as you start laying the foundation for increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, and reduced costs in every project that your construction firm undertakes.

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